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2440 Lakeview Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614
tel: 1-773-549-3000
fax: 1-773-549-3164


The Next Generation in Intelligent Tool Design...
So Unique, It's Revolutionary

LINK Tools has created a new paradigm in the way mechanics hand tools connect together. The ball bearing that allows tools accidentally release at the most inopportune times is gone and totally secure hand-to-work locking of all tools has arrived.

The locking action is made possible by LINK’s case-hardened steel pin, and actuated by the spring-loaded collar; simple, straightforward and foolproof. There’s no traditional ball bearing to work loose. The harder you pull, the harder the locking pin grips, making it virtually impossible to slip or disconnect until you want it to. That’s the LINK “Lock Solid” Promise.


The Unique LINK LOCK SOLID™ System
Improves Your Work.

LINK Tools make your jobs faster, safer and easier.

  • No More Dropped or Lost Sockets, No More Broken Connections, No More Busted Knuckles
  • No More Sockets Stuck to Bolts in Hard-to-Reach Spots
  • No More Sockets Left Unaccounted for When the Job Is Completed
  • LINK Tools are compatible with any quality brand of sockets and attachments as long as they have detents on the drive end.
  • Many LINK Drive Tools have both male and female parts so various units can be used together to produce that extra torque when needed.

Link Tools locking
The LINK™ Locking System Test
Improves Your Work.

The connections of the LINK System will not pull apart even when lifting a 20 lb. weight! The separate components of the LINK System join together to form a single tool, from your hand to the work, which remains connected until you choose to release them.

Only LOCK SOLID™ technology can make the Lock Solid Promise: you get the functionality of a one-piece, custom tool no matter how many parts you link together to do the job.
Link Tools animation with weights
It's Unbelievable...
Don't try this with any other socket wrench set!



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